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So, you've busted your ass recording your tunes and now you're looking for a mix engineer to make them sound badass! 
You have been online and have seen cheap options, you've seen expensive options and all of them promise the same "Pro" sound. So what gives? What is the difference? In a word, Everything.

You see, the cheap options have just stumbled upon a set of presets that gives them their desired result. And maybe that's ok 
or even pretty good. But you didn't spend a lifetime practicing and pouring your heart and soul into this music to get "good". You want these songs to BLOW YOU AWAY!!! When you hit play, you want them to connect with you and the emotion of the song. You want to be proud of them when you sell them at your merch booth and hear them on the radio!!

You want them to connect you and your audience. To make the listener feel what you feel and hear what's in your head. 
 It's all we have as musicians, to express ourselves and connect with people.

I'm a musician as well, I've been in bands and I know how hard money is to come by these days. I also remember the first time
I heard my music mixed by a pro, I was ECSTATIC!! The life and depth it had was UNREAL!!!

I wanted to share that feeling with the world!!!! So, I have dedicated the last third of my life to making badass mixes for other people so they can have the same excitement and joy I did when I heard my music as it should be.

Unlike some online mixing sites I don't have any "Good, Better, Best packages" or upcharges for alternate mixes. 
I charge a flat fee that includes the studio time and you have only one option. A BADASS MIX!!!! Well, 6 badass mixes......
each song gets a "Master Mix" the approved mix, a vocals up, tv mix, instrumental, lead vox w effects, bg vox w/ effects.

That way you are covered for all your needs.

Please send me an email with any questions you have and I'll get back to you shortly. 

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